Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wallpaper is Back

Ok, so as soon as I get the energy (and some extra money) to redecorate, I would love to do my bedroom. And guess what? I am definitely going to include some wallpaper. I am not a fan of wallpapering the entire room, but I would love to wallpaper the wall behind my bed. I will be posting some before and after pics, when I get around to this project.

Here is a fun nursery pic using wallpaper.


  1. good idea! wanna come help me pick a paper for behind my bed?

  2. I love wallpaper. My new favorite thing is beadboard wallpaper. It has the texture and looks exactly like the real thing (is even paintable) I am going to put it on my cupboard doors and behind my kids built in desk. Have fun, I am excited to see your pics- I love before and after pics