Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taylor Joelle and Primary Children's Hospital

Cooper (Taylor Joelle's brother) has a birthday tomorrow! We love you Cooper! In honor of Cooper's birthday on May 18th, taylorjoelle.com has decided to donate a hat to Primary Children's Medical Center for every purchase made from May 18th - June 18th.
Primary Children's Medical Center holds a very special place in our hearts. On the day of Cooper's birth, the doctors discovered a heart murmur. They rushed him to Primary Children's Medical Center where they performed various tests. We discovered that Cooper has "aortic stenonis". Also one of the arteries in his heart is enlarged. The doctors at Primary Childrens took such good care of him!
When Cooper was 3 he needed surgery. They didn't have to do open heart surgery, instead they did a "balloon procedure" where they stretched his valve. The surgery was such a success! The doctor had warned us that with this procedure there will be some leaking from the valve, but after the surgery he reported that there was no leaking.

Cooper is so healthy today! You would not be able to tell that he has a heart condition. We are so grateful for such a wonderful hospital where Cooper, and so many other children, can receive care.

Taylor Joelle Designs looks forward to "giving back" a little to this fabulous hospital!