Thursday, December 10, 2009

How To Make Bottle Cap Necklaces

My 5 year old daughter, Taylor, is making bottlecap necklaces as gifts for her friends this holiday. They are so much fun to do and very easy. Here is what you need:

Bottlecap (I buy pre-flatted ones)
Diamond Glaze
Ball Chain Necklace
4 mm open jump rings
round nose micro pliers
bottle cap images, or a 1 inch circle punch to create your own image

Step One
Find the image you would like to put in the bottle cap. I bought some fun scrapbook paper, and some sparkly letters. You can also buy bottlecap images on ebay and etsy. Also if there is plastic inside the bottlecap, remove it.
Step Two
Squirt your diamond glaze inside the bottle cap, and place the image on the glaze. Cover the image with diamond glaze. Let this dry overnight
Step Three
Put a hole in the top of the bottle cap. You can use a drill, but I think a hammer and nail works great.
Step Four
Using your round nose pliers open up the jump ring, place it inside the hold, and close with the pliers.
Step Five
Feed the charm through your necklace, and you are done!

You can find a lot of supplies at your local craft store or on etsy. Good luck!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Healthy Choice Pumpkin Squash Ravioli

So I have found my favorite frozen dinner meal. It is Healthy Choice's Pumpkin Squash Ravioli. It is only $1.88 at walmart, and it is soooo tasty. I swear I have been having one of these almost everyday and I am still not sick of it. I told my sister-in-law about this frozen dinner. She tried it, and hated it!! So, is it just me? Let me know what you think.


So, my parents have given me their old cabinet. Super good quality, very nice, but just not my style. So, it is time to give it a makeover. I am now posting a before picture. You will all get to see the after picture in about 4 or 5 days. Here's a hint. I will be using black paint and some wall paper scraps.