Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hair Bow Activity

Yesterday morning my daughter was bored and really wanted to do a craft. We decided to make hair bows. This is a super easy activity to do with your child. Taylor is 5 and she did just fine (I handled the glue gun).

What you will need:

1. Fake Flowers (I bought fake gerber daisies at the dollar store)
2. Glue Gun
3. Metal Single Prong Clips (you can find these at beauty supply stores such as Sallys)
4. Buttons or other decorations for the center.
5. Ribbon to cover clip


1. Take apart the flowers
2. Restack the flowers (it looks great if you use a few different colors)
3. Glue each flower piece together in the center
4. Glue the button or other decoration in the middle.
5. Cut a ribbon long enough to cover the clip, and glue the ribbon over the clip
6. Glue the flower to the clip

All done!!!

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